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Happy Valentine's Day! - 1

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Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day - Just have a great day!!!
See you on Saturday! Jan


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:)))))) ;-)


Frilly, flighty and fun! But, no aubergine ones?? ;-DD


I should have read these comments before posting mine on the #2--my comments would have fit in here. Everyone saw these as frilly, feathery and feminine and a little naughty. Hope you have a wonderful surprise from hubby for Valentine's day.


Ooohhh, Black Hearts! I've been told I had one on more than one occasion. Reminds me of old beaus.
Thanks for the memories.


Very nice Jan, have fun.


Why not? Hanne, Enjoy yourself on Saturday - and photos, please, if it's ok with her!


Furry hearts?? - on a cold day!! Thanks so very much Jan, and Happy Valentine to you too!!


Ardy - you naughty lady! :D I do have a little something planned...... He already got breakfast in bed, but, who knows? ........

Katie - That sounds like so much fun! I LOVE Adam Levine! Thanks so much!


Hi Jan, the flowery flourishes around your hearts are perfect! Hope you have a terrific getaway with your hubby! (I got my surprise last night - dinner and a Maroon 5 concert!)


Reminds me of the lacy little black undies like one sees in Victoria's Secret. Jan, hope you have some to take with you as hubby whisks you off. Happy Valentines Day, my friend with lots of love. ((Hugs.))


Pat - thank you! I was hoping you could see the detail! glad you enjoyed it. And - have a wonderful day with maybe a surprise or two that makes you smile! :D


Pat (pkin) - that is a very sweet card! I thank you and Hubby thanks you so much! You all have a great day, too. He is whisking me off for a surprise!


Beautiful lace cut-outs--wonderful idea for a Valentine's Day, framed in such lovely colors! Have a great day, Jan--thanks! :-)))


Here is a card for you and the hubby