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Seahorses! (small)

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It's Sea Theme Week!
There are 53 species of seahorses. They range in size from under 1 inch, to 14 inches long.
They are fish, but not very good swimmers. They eat constantly. The male seahorses are the ones who give birth.


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Rosie - I love them, too! I remember someone on Jigidi used to raise them! (could it have been Sue1?)
They are such interesting little creatures, too! I am so glad you enjoy them so much! Thank you!


Seahorses are my favorite sea creatures. They are so tiny and delicate looking. I've never seen one live either, just in aquariums. These you've chosen are so beautiful. The little purple one in the left corner and then the black one are my faves of this group. You posted so many puzzles today I didn't know where to start. Glad I started with this one. Thanks for this interesting and beautiful puzzle.


They always seem to be hanging onto things, Whizbang. And, the one you like best is one of the smallest. It is a pygmy variety. Thank you so much for your comments!

Jan - I agree. Thank you so much!!


they are really pretty.

These are just spectacular, J-Belle! So many beautiful shapes and colors..... I particularly enjoy the coral colored one with the white knobs - different from what you usually see. Thanks for a great group of vivid photos, plus the interesting bio! They seem to only have that little fin on their back for swimming, unlike most fish. Altho I think I read somewhere they also undulate their bodies when they swim. Wonder if they use their "tail" to hang onto things....


Katie - they really are.....they are so different from most fish! And the colors!! WOW. Thank you!

PinknBlack - they just seem like fairy tale creatures to me. I'm glad you find them amazing, too. Thanks!


Amazing creatures! Thanks.


Very fascinating creatures Jan. I love all the colors and patterns.


Oh JC, I wish I had. I have only seen one tiny little seahorse ONCE. EVER! (except in aquariums)
This picture shows just some of the varieties. I would love to see more while in the water!


Beautiful, Jan! Did you take these photos snorkeling?