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40 years ago on a large American college campus I saw 4 men crowded into a pickup truck. They were putting up stakes along the streets to mark the edges of the road so when winter snows came the snowplow drivers would know where to plow.

The truck stopped. The driver stayed put while the three other men all climbed out. One reached into the back and took out a wooden stake 5 feet tall, and held it on the grass. Another reached in and picked up a big hammer, and pounded the stake into the ground. The third man reached in and got a spray can, and painted the top foot or so orange. They put the hammer and spray can back in the truck, and all three crowded back into the cab.

Then they drove ten yards, stopped, got out and repeated the whole operation. At a leisurely pace, of course. Not one of them would walk the 30 feet between stakes. 40 years ago!


I've seen the same here in the USA. Maybe they are waiting for oil.
That is what I was told by a highway crew member.

labor management ratio the same all over the world