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Christmas in Litchfield's Library Park

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This was take a few weeks ago.


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Beautiful thanks Laurajane


Boy can they trim a tree or what?


Lovely Laura, thanks. Suzy I'm glad to read that.


The light says "stop and look at me". Nice picture LJ
PS. I told you wrong on my dry lake puzzle. It should have been southwest and not southeast! Sorry.


This is a really nice photo Laura. There is so much to see.

Glad to hear you are healing nicely punkie.


Aww pumpkin...glad to hear you are healing up. You got 25 inches of snow? Fantastic! No snow at all here. It began just miles south of us and stayed south. Chickiemama got a nice blast, and she only lives 2 1/2 hours south of me.


Laura -using my kindle so can't solve puzzles -they are really nice tho '.reports from home are around 25 inches of snow. And still snowing. What did you end up with? The eye changes e every day in color and in shape. Good news is I am now able to cover some of the bruising and yellow on my jaw line with makeup!!!