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Second Time Around

63 pieces
311 solves
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Thank you so much Michelle and Judy. We need something bright and cheerful to brighten up these dark December days. Ah well, soon be Christmas!


Lesley, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this puzzle--all nine of them. I'm gathering they aren't new, but they sure were for me, and what a delight. I was drawn by the bright colors, and you accomplished forming a cohesive group out of some very different puzzles. Bravo and encore, encore!


Lesley, it was so much fun to re-visit these puzzles. (Although I don't seem to have improved my solve rate much. 3:37...ouch!)

Favourites, upper left, upper middle (natch) and middle. Wonder why I am partial to those? Hmmm.


Thank you Jan. I just picked the puzzles at random from the thumbnails so it was rather by chance that they 'went' together!


I loved this one! The images were quite bold and colorful and such fun together. Thank you so much!