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Overlapping Overlappers (Smaller)

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Thank you again, A3ana!

You're right, Wendy--it looks muddy, and the cool wiggly lines in the striped border sections look blurred and dull... Dang! But thanks for checking the pieces out--I hope others do, too, or I'm sunk!

Oh, Ardy, right now you're just 1 second off! :-( I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You've got people furnishing your home with carpets and coasters and vases, people designing ice cream fountains and parks, people illustrating your tadpole wine production methods--wow, lela, you really do rule! :-)))

Thanks, Jan, and I do have Dagmar's pipes bookmarked. There is something about them that is similar--the colors and the confusion, I think!!! :-D


It would make a fun carpet, Lela! However, it made an even more enjoyable puzzle! Thanks, Pat!
Did you notice Dagmar's puzzle has a "similar" feel to it - only it is all piping shapes)


Nice pieces of carpet.........


Fun, Pat. I even temporarily made your board (3:22). Thanks for the delightful colors. I enjoyed this a lot.


Yes that,s correct .thanks .


Ohhhhh, Pat. This one is AWESOME up close and personal...but the thumbnail and preview pane are awful.


I'll say thank you, because I think you're saying you like my small puzzles--I hope!


Mooi Zo ik hou van wat kleinere puzzels zodat ik er meer kan maken bedankt.