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Single Solo Solitary Star

36 pieces
154 solves
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LOL, Kirsten I'm chuckling at your "that pesky square" phrase!!! Wendy was so right to suggest it would be better as a single.... and I'm delighted that you love it too... thanks:~))


Make that 146. And I recognised this straight away as that pesky square too, that I kept wanting to move out of the way in the other puzzle. LOL I love everything about this Mandy. The colours and the textures, and the design. Thanks so much. :)))


LOL - thanks Wendy, I like this one too... and I know it won't do so well!! But at 143 currently, this one is probably safe!!!


Judy, what a wonderful comment, I love all the alliteration you've used!! I didn't see the pencils, but now that you've mentioned it, they're as clear as can be... although misleadingly the blues seem to actually be green!!!


whatnauts, sorry for the delay... technical problems!!! I'm laughing at your excitement!!! Its good to know you're having fun, thanks !!!


Mandy, I just went back to see which puzzle you were talking about, and WOW, I don't think it got nearly enough solves (499 so far). LOL

I actually like this one better...but sadly, it won't get nearly as many.


Why, what a wonderful, whimsical winner! Whatnauts was wight with her wemark. Seriously, this is great. I thought it looked like colored pencils all trying to touch the center of the design. The blues won. Sleep tight.


I was so excited by your 'N' puzzle, I forgot to bookmark your other puzzles. They're all terrific.


Thank you Wendy... I kaleidoed my woven blocks from 19th Nov... and added some effects... I do love kaleido makers!!! As always you were quite correct when you said it would make a good puzzle on its own... :~))) Your "eye" is exceptionally wonderful!!!


Hey, this is the one that I said would make a great puzzle all by itself. I think this one is just flat out BEAUTIFUL. I don't know how the heck you created it, but it's really exceptionally wonderful.


Thanks PJ, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Mandy - what a most wonderful design. Love it. The colors are great. Thank you for posting it.


Thanks lela :~)


Lovely effect!......Thanks, race-track......