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Gibraltar's Lighthouse

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The last point in Europe. In the background is Mount Jebel Musa of Morocco and inbetween lies the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.


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Gibraltar lighthouse is run by Trinity House...UK. I remember my dad took us inside once when we were little. All those spiral steps to climb. it was so exciting..One of the experiences that has always stayed in my memory..


ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I love light houses and collect them too, I have all of the Thomas Kinkade lighthouses that he has ever put out! It's such a shame about his passing, I would have dearly loved to have had more in my collection!


Hey! ytown OMG 20,000! you're really into puzzles also..Don't blame you. its so much fun and takes one's mind off things (at least for me) and laura thanks for your feedback. This is my Gib on a clearish day...


Lighthouses are always great to photograph. Thank you for this really nice one. Patricia.


Thanks for the puzzle. With this solve I am over 20,000 pieces joined


You're so welcomed Delsol2..Glad to hear you enjoyed the puzzle and history note...thank you for your feedback.


Thank you, fileusa. Not only for the puzzle to solve and the pleasure that brings but also for the history lesson. :) I always appreciate learning new things and these little tidbits of history of an image are fascinating to me. It's a trait I have that has served me well in my life. Again, thanks. :)


Steep and rugged indeed.. That was why Gibraltar was a haven for the British and others. No one could climb up these cliffs and so it was a good defence during the Great Siege of Gibraltar 1782 The siege lasted 3 years and 7 months. Oh well...there goes another history lesson. Hope you did'nt get bored. :)


Oh, that's just beautiful especially with it's rugged coastline!