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The Franciscan Terra Santa Church, monastery and school - old Akko (Acre), Israel.

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The Franciscan Terra Santa Church, monastery and school - old Akko (Acre), Israel -

Akko's importance where the Franciscans are concerned lies in the fact that they believe that Saint Francis of Assisi – the founder of their order – visited the city in 1219-1220.
In 1217, Father Elia Da Cortona built the first Franciscan monastery in the Holy Land, in Akko. When Akko fell to the Mamluks, (1291) the members of the order fled from the monastery.
According to the chronicles of the Franciscans, Facher El-Din II officially enabled them to settle back in Akko in 1620 and to build a church and an inn there, for their personal use.
The church borders the northeast side of Khan al-Franj, (“inn of the French”, after the French traders who traded and lived there), where there is also a Franciscan monastery which houses a chapel dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. In a close section of the khan itself, there is a Franciscan elementary school.


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