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For Bbmuffin: Mignonette

70 pieces
60 solves
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What a huge project. If I ever get back out to BC I will make sure to visit. Thank you for the info.


No...they are 100years old. In 1990 the company that owned them (at our PNE) was going to sell them as they were so badly damaged. Our volunteer group managed to raise $250,000 which was matched by the provincial government to restore them. Burnaby Village Museum spent $1,000,000 to create a building for the carousel. My husband, my father, my uncle and myself helped with the restoration over 2 and 1/2 year years along with a couple hundred more people. It was a great experience. Royal Burnaby Belle was the first horse I restored...but I didn't do any carving repairs...just stripping, sanding, shellacking, and painting.


You build these? Oh my!


She was named after my grandmother and was the second horse I completed. She is an American Beauty with a peek-a-boo mane.


I think this is my favourite, have them all bookmarked for tomorrow!