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Mosaic Tile Gumballs

42 pieces
88 solves
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Well, thank you so much, Wendy, Edie, Jan, and Ardy! The original Painting is absolutely flat, but somehow the tiles and the embossing seemed to give the shapes a bit of roundness, at least to me, and the little black bits, coming where they did, just appealed to me--I have no clue why! LOL! I'm happy you all enjoyed the effects as well--and I wish I could get that deep grape color on Paint, but I never have been able to...... :-)))


Congratulations on your T&F win. Enjoyed watching your dance.


This one fluttered as I solved it. Very unusual effect! Thanks so much, Pat!


OMG, another one that I missed. Not sure what's going on. Early onset Altzheimer's or something. Let's see if I can make the board on this one. Love the little tiles. Thanks Pat


Pat, I saw this before and wasn't signed in at the time, and was so tempted to sign in to tell you how much I LOVE this puzzle. But I didn't want anyone to know that I was up and about so I didn't sign in. Now I can say that this is WONDERFUL! :-)


I appreciate that, Lela.......

Thanks, Katie and whatnauts--I haven't posted the original yet, or even the original mosaic. I wonder if the plain mosaic might have been a better choice, since it's not as dark.....

I just thought that the effects o the one I did post were more interesting... Oh, well, I can always save it for a rainy day..... :-)))


Fun, Pat. I like your gumballs. I took a peek at the larger one and it does look better lightened up more. I've been tempted into two 400 piece puzzles but worked each of them over more than one day. Not ready for another one right now.My hat's of to all you who go for the biggies. Don't know how you do it.


These gumballs might be a little hard on the teeth, but they certainly look appealing. Thanks, PD :)))


All the pieces are still here.... I love the mosaics Pat!


This was a bit sticky to walk on......However, I checked my hiking boots and have no pieces attached to them..........(If any are missing it will be the fault of the ginormous one from that island).....


I lightened it a bit more (it wouldn't let me do that more than once on the small version, but, for some reason, stretching it in between allowed me to do that function again), and I think it's a little easier on the eyes. :-)))


Oh Pat. This is lovely. I won't be able to do it until after work, but could you, would you please?