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Red crabs climbing over a purpose built overpass to cross a road on Christmas Island

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Thanks every one, this is what I like to see.
A good discussion on what is in the pic.
I have no red crabs near me, but the local university has made something like this to help the turtles get across the road to their nesting grounds.
I am all for helping mother nature, sine we made the road and the cars, and since the crabs don't cross at he lights, they don't stand much of a chance.


More info on red crabs. (Not like salmon - they return to their inland home areas)


Do they live beyond spawning and return or are they like salmon? OR - I could do the research - how often I forget that I do actually have that capability too. It's so much easier to ask someone who has so much good info already. Thanks for the "puzzle" JM and for the great info robryan.

Wonderful to see. There is a wide underpass beneath one of our highways in Massachusetts for mammals to cross. Hopefully this idea will spread.


Christmas Island has millions of red crabs that live inland & at mating time they all head for the water to spawn. It's an Australian territory & most Aussies know it as the place where thousands of boat refugees head for are held in the detention centre. They start their journey in Indonesia & quite a few boats & all on board don't make it - either from storms at sea or unseaworthy boats.


It's amazing that they can climb something that steep. Thanks JM.


Nice to see that humanity does occasionally redeem itself.


Thank you Peggysuss


Thats so nice. Thanks for the great pic.