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Cute Tin Tea Sets!! ~ Katie`s Favourite

49 pieces
54 solves
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You know that list was for LOOKING, not DOING, incorrigible Katie! But I'm glad you had fun with it. :)))


This is darling! Great colors and patterns. And I love Ardy's little hooded babies.


Thanks Dagmar. :)))


Lovely little flowers :))


It was coolish, but not cold. So I don't know what the hooded babies are doing here, Ardy! LOL

I'm surprised that you are finding the extra 13 pieces so difficult to adjust to. It still breaks up neatly, the way a 36 piece does. I am going to keep experimenting away, and I hope you can adjust. But if not, I'll understand. :)))


Was it chilly there today? I ask because I see little big black eyed blue hooded babies keeping warm around the middle star. If this is the size these puzzles are going to be now I'll have to adjust or skip the singles which is not even to be thought about. It's strange how the 49's that Su puts up seem small (compared to her 81's) while here they seem large (compared to 36's). So experiment away, my friend. I'll love you still.