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Our Produce Garden - Strawberries & Plywood

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The plywood was laid so I can go in the garden with my power chair, to water, harvest, etc., & not get bogged down in the soil, which also gets stuck in my treads then it falls over the floor when I come in the house. I will be posting more pics as we progress. My Hubby is so sweet, always finding ways to include me in our projects, & our lives in general. I am so blessed!


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Hi O&A, I agree! Love seeing what others are doing with their gardens.


Hi Nev, LOL, I thought I was negelcting you, since I haven't posted any chicken pics in so long! I have some that I will be posting soon, I promise. I have LOTS of puzzles bookmarked, that I hope to do "some day", so no worries my friend.


Finally got to this one, Gina. Love the plywood idea. Interesting to see other's gardens and get ideas from them to improve our own and make it easier to garden. Hugs.


Nice one Gina must catch up with your puzzles. Sorry to have neglected you.


Iris, we are having fun, even though we've only gotten about 2 dozen berries so far, at least that's something, & these taste much better than store bought berries.
Nan ~ Thank you for the compliments to both of us! I always say that God must love us both an awful lot, to have given us to each other!
Jan ~ You are so right! He is the sweetest, most thoughtful & caring man I've ever known. I know it's a cliche, but I really feel like God broke the mold after He made my Hubby.
Monica ~ I am truly blessed, & I know it! :)


You are most definitely blessed to have a husband who thinks of you like this. I think that's wonderful. Hold onto him, do not ever let him go, he's one of the good ones...Big hugs dear, Monica


Enjoy the garden Gina, and hugs my friend ♥ You husband sounds like a sweetie.


What an elegant solution! Your Hubby is a prince. Guess that's because he found his queen! nan


Have fun growing those strawberries! Grins!☺