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Reflective Duet

56 pieces
110 solves
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You are very welcome, Shirley. I'm glad you found it to be lovely. I'll try to remember to keep my "smalls" at 48 or 49....:-))


I don't usually solve puzzles this size, owing to time, but this one I just had to give into, very lovely puzzle Jill Thank you.


Thank you, leet. I'm glad you enjoyed the composition of this one!

I love your puzzle...especially the way it is so organized at the top and seems to have (been energized or attacked) at the bottom.


Hi, Dagmar! Yes, Julia and I are one and the same! I created Julia to post fractals, which I love. For a long time no one else knew who she was either. Thatmway I could keep her answers short.... it is hard to be brief when you answer someone you know. I think you and I have that same problem. I often don't comment if I see that the person has already received a lot of comments.

You are sweet to take the time for this lengthy correspondence. I enjoymreading your comments as they are so amiable.i'm glad you enjoy the fractals. I have fractal software and, on my Tab, applications, which do the math for me. I merely manipulate it until I find the design and colors I want. Good,to hear from you!


You are very wwlcome, L. I'm glad you enjoyed the composition, dear one! .... :-)


This was really beautiful, Jill. I didn't know that JuliaMandelbrot was you. LOL My Jigidi life is just as my real life I'm always the last to learn anything, I suppose I'm just not curious enough. :)) I have admired JuliaMandelbrot from afar for quite some time, usually when we posted at the same time I went to have a look at what she was doing only today I stopped to read some comments so I found out the true nature of Julia, LOL. The admiring from afar comes because I didn't want to say anything to anybody else, as I just don't have enough time to visit all my friends here in Jigidi and I didn't want to add somebody else who I could only visit on occasions, but knowing it is you who I already only visit you on occasions much to my regret, I now can admire you expressing what I feel. I love your fractals, they are so colourful but also delicate and etherial. I have tried making some of my own, but gave up very quickly, they are far too time-consuming but it will be fun to see what beauties you make out of mathematical equations. :))
Thanks for some fun in the morning. :))


Very enjoyable reflections Jillia.... Nicely harmonized.... Thank you.... :) :)