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Lone Friday Flower

36 pieces
151 solves
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Thank you, dear PJ. I hope you're having a nice day. I haven't checked my mail yet, but will in a bit.


Wendy - such a nice flower. I enjoyed the solving, your creative composition, the happy colors - and the nice fellowship around the center stage flower.


Yes, Ardy, it would appear that the flower ended up not so lonely after all. LOL

Thank you, Mandy. Sometimes I like a background with the flowers, sometimes not. I kind of liked what I did this time too.

Katie, I don't like making the single ones all that much, but once in awhile I will. If you have a bud vase, you can have this one. :-)

Mary, I never thought of it that way but you're right. As long as you're solving them, they can't be that lonely. LOL


Wonderful! Doing the Lone Friday Flower Dance and I get to do it all by myself and Bill can't join in! Lone flowers are never lonely because I'm always solving them! 3:15 Thanks, Wendy!


A single is very nice for a change Wendy. Thanks! It fits very nicely into a bud vase.


This flower is gorgeous, and I love the background too, thanks Wendy :~)


Lovely lone but not forlorn Friday flower Thanks, Wendy.