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Good Morning Thought

12 pieces
120 solves
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My first panorama the way that PG suggested


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Sorry Jan we could all say areso funny..
Now Graciela it's not that bad...
Punkin I sure am learning ... sometimes I feel like I'm back in school..
Laurajane Thank you this one was a trial took some more pictures going to see how they come out....


Very nice, Pat. You are getting good!


You are learning many new tricks with your camera, pat!


I know Pat, but I don't dare to say it!!


Whew I though it was my boobs


Thanks Mandy nice to see you


Nice view, thanks Pat :~)


Alright guys I am getting ready to leave so several had it tight "RAIN"
Love the answers... Love the answer Your Highness gave. "still giggling"
Ardy I think 3 if I remember right trying to put an other one on if jigidi will let me it jus keeps tryto cut the puzzle...


Great, now just add a few more to the sequence. Remember to never change the "F" stop. Answer is, The amount of anything my money will buy.


I had a principal, Pat, who said to me one time in the middle of a rain storm, "I hope the rain will keep up." "Why," I asked. "So it won't come down," he replied.

The picture doesn't give as much of a panoramic feeling as I thought it might. But it gives much better depth top to bottom, doesn't it. How many "snaps" are put together for this? Can you do more to make more picture side to side?


YOu know Pat put the puzzle on a picture of the answer.


Good morning Pat. Easy one today...:) Good photo.


Too easy Pat! I like the photo, it came out well.


Good Morning, Pat! precipitation!


I guess I don't understand the gravity of this question! LOL!


Thanks Sis ... I don't really have a favorite team in the Super Bowl ... but will be watching it along with millions of others....Hugs


And now I see somethig went wrong with my first comment. So I try to remember what I wrote. Good morning Sissy. I think today is a great day, I understood it's the day of Super Bowl. So enjoy yourselft, I hope your favorite will win. Make fun.
I have 4 answers, all four satisfy of the conditions. I think it's too soon to answer.


Good morning Jim nope not meteorites put that thinking cap back on....
Good morning tincanliz could very well be... Lucy got it too....
Good morning Sis :):):)


Sis, Jim gave an answer I had not think of, and Lucy did answer for two of mine. lol

We all know it is not gas prices or taxes... could it be rain?


Wonderful panorama, Pat! This one is easy. Meteorites!


Cute Lucy :):):)


It will soak you,,,or you have to remove it once it is down.


Good morning Lucy ...Just let us know when you decide which one


Good mornimg Pat, i can think of a few but there is two in particular that i know right now.