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Old Barn

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Thank YOU Hanne.


Spectacular, indeed!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Yes he is Marvin.


he's old Rita


I'd take 58, wouldn't you punkie?


PG has become quite spoiled by moving south. He HAD survived many a fine winter in the northeast. Now, if the temperatures get into the 50's, he's whinning.


I'd come to see you if I could Ank. Thank you ladys.


too bad a lot of these old barns went into ruin. We see these along the highways all the time.


Nice shot Chickie


Great, We have snow, we have frost. So friends come over and enjoy me. Don't be afraid for a little cold. lol


You are too funny young man. It's not a bad thing if you don't HAVE to go out in it. It can be fun if WANT to go out.


It is a very big problem trying to keep warm under these conditions.
JC I fully understand your position and agree you should complain whenever the occasion should arise.
Young lady I remember one four foot snow in PA when my wife went out to fees, I figured they were not going anyplace so why go, it took hare a lot longer then I figured it would. Upon her return she was madder then a wet hen because I did not go looking for her after so long a time. It appears she fell down in a snow drift and could not get up so she rolled to the barn and used the door handle to get back on her feet. Since she flattened the snow on her way out it was an easy trip back to the house. Problem solved and I stayed warm. Another reason to be in the south.


You are welcome Gladstone. Try to stay warm!


Thank you for your old barn picture/puzzle. It's colder here about -25C or -15F, but sunny and little wind today.


Aw, you poor thing pg. I hope it warms up for you!

I remember one winter climbing over a 5' snow drift (to get to the barn) at -30 degrees in a blizzard. The snowmobile suit and felt lined boots kept me warm and loved every minute of it. I'm over it now.


That is like all the time, jcarroll. Those 65 to 75 degree days are far to few!


Thanks, Photogent. Our winters are colder than yours but no where near as bad as the northern midwest. BTW, I believe it's my job to complain about the weather whenever it is not in the low 70s and I take this job seriously!


I am in Aiken SC close to Disgusta GA. We have mild winters but the summers get a little on the warm side but the humidity is lower then Florida.


Photogent, where are you? It's 18 degrees here in SW MO!


Good morning everyone, hope you had a great evening. I almost froze my self solid last night it got all the way down to 58. Can you believe that and still survive? I don't know about this global warming it is getting down right cold.


No, I have not. I am moving a bit slow this morning!


Thank you morris. Brrrrr. Haven't been outside yet. Have you?


Nice one, chickie! Glad tu see yu did not freeze overnight!