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Bright Blossoms Boards! (small)

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Really - thanks so much, Michelle!!


Good on yer, girl! Glad to hear that you'll be taking a break to re-charge your batteries. Whoo hoo about your daughter must be chuffed to bits! Peeps will go cold turkey here and will appreciate it all the more when you return with your new creations! Have a wonderful time! :-)))


Michelle, you have been so very encouraging and I REALLY appreciate that. I do have a bit of a problem, though In March, I will be gone A LOT. So, I fear that there will be no creating or posting during that time. For at least 2 weeks we will be out of country and are leaving electronics behind. And our daughter we haven't seen in more than 2 years will be visiting during some of the time. It will be quite interesting to see what happens without my Jigidi fix! LOL


Jan, I love your know how I was drawn to them right away at the beginning of my so very long (lol) time here on Jigidi. And this one is especially delicious to me...all my colours, my dear sis, and beautiful framing!

I have to tell you that I am on Hester's page. I think that if you are feeling like stretching your creativity, then I will gladly watch you take wing and soar. I know you will! (Your new toy demands that you spend some more time playing with it - lots to learn.) First and foremost, madam, you create art to please yourself. (My talented daughter is always stressing that to me.) However, I am sure that your fan club will appreciate whatever direction your creative journey takes you and will applaud you. I have been enjoying JiggyBelles' glorious creations and look forward to more!




Thank you, Reverend Hester! I always appreciate your cleverly delightful comments and upbeat way of looking at things. Thank you so much for the support! :D


Jan, I will be content with what ever crumbs you feel like throwing our way. If they are board shaped, all the better but what's important is that you don't feel held to ransom by your fan club. You should retain the pleasure of creating without pressure. And here endeth today's sermon! ;-))


Thank you so much. I do appreciate you comments!!! :D

I know exactly what you mean, Gail. It's a dilemma. And, people do grow to expect a certain look when they do your puzzles. I understand that completely, too. hmmmmmmmm


I know exactly what you mean about how many kaleidos are on Jigidi now. So different when we first started making them. Yours stand out in a category all their own. Nobody is making kaleidos like yours. I'm considering a different path as well, actually have been for quite some time. But there's a fork in my road, and I don't know which path to take!


Rosie - I like them too much to make them go away, I will just be alternating puzzle types. If any are going to go away completely, it might be the silhouettes. They are just too easy to make. But, I will just probably have a greater time period in between them. (silhouettes) I would HATE to hear your crying quietly in a corner! LOL


Please don't stop making the kaleidos---yours are always so beautiful and the puzzles are fun to do and I think the collage is entirely different from the boards and they compliment each other . The collage is made up of the whole kaleido and the boards are an elongated version with the sides missing which changes the kaleidos entirely. I will weep large tears if you stop entirely but I know you must expand your wings and continue to grow. I'm now going to cry quietly and morn in private. Rosie


Love it Jan, thanks


Katie - You have made me have a huge smile on my face. Thank you so very much! And, thanks for the feedback!

Hanne - That is a wonderful thing to visualize. Like going into a magical world filled with amazing beings and trees and flowers. Thank you for giving that vision to me!

Thanks so much, PJ. I have had so many puzzles that were made from this image. I made them months ago and still haven't repeated a single thing!


Lovely, Jan. Adorable composition, and I love your choice of happy, vibrant colors.


Ohhh, they make me dream about beautiful landscapes where I've been, and then cute faces look at you too. The colours are so extremely lovely and the smoothness you've put into it makes it so peaceful. I would like to WALK into the boards!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Just gorgeous Jan! I'm delighted with more boards! I agree with your choice. After all, this design has the kaleido centers. I also have been enjoying your silhouette puzzles. Thanks for ALL the puzzles you make!


You are welcome, Edie!

Pinknblack - Thank you so much! I know you love pink!! :D


Love the pink scalloped edging. Very colourful set this morn. Thanks.


So sweet of you to do that for me Jan. Already been there. thanks


Edie - I made this one just for you. It is 4 squares and I hope you get your "fix" for the day! :D
(I think I published the original 3X3 square months ago)


Thank you so much, JC and Laurajane, and Ardy and Pat! I am so glad you liked these pastels! It's funny to have such bright "pastels!"

Thank you, Chailie - It's nice to get the feedback about the edging!

Pat - you are so very right. There are so many kaleidoscope makers now, I am considering going a different direction. What do you think! (and that you so VERY much!)


Love this one Jan thanks


Jan, Love these. Thanks for these bright beauties.


My guess is no squares today, but an extra helping of boards!!! That's super fine with me--this is the only place on Jigidi I can get my daily dose! And these are fabulous, Jan!!! Wow! I really think they're gorgeous! :-)))


Very pretty and fun to do. I love the edging you put around your puzzles.


Did I miss the squares. I usually do them first. Loved the puzzle. Waiting impatiently for the squares.


Hi Jan. This was not only a pretty little puzzle, but an enjoyable one to solve! Thank you.


Another fun one, Jan!