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3 little kittens

42 pieces
122 solves
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Thanks, PJ. :-)


Oh Barb - You're so right - we need some fun, and those little kitties are adorable...


Thanks, Katie ... I figure we need some fun to chase away the winter blues. :-))


Such a cheerful group Barb! Thanks for more colorful fun!


Thanks, Edie, glad you enjoyed these little kitties. Hope your current menagerie are all healthy and providing you with lots of company and fun. :-))


Of course these are right up my alley Barb. This group is actually one less than my maximum total that I had while fostering. 28! I was younger, couldn't do it now. Love the kitties. thanks.


Not sure if these are the cousins who lost their mittens or not, Ardy, but I'm sure they would appreciate new ones. I'm trying to locate more distant relatives to post in the near future. LOL
Glad you had fun with this. :-))


Are these the kittens of lost mittens fame? They look like they are planning more mischief. But they were very cooperative solving-wise. They let me on the middle of the board. Since it's winter I think I'll just get them some new mittens and tie them on. Thanks, Barb. Nice meeting some of your distant family.


Yes, these are my playful distant cousins, oldiepumpkin, and they can be naughty at times. LOL
Glad you enjoyed the puzzle, and please call me Barb. :-)


Wow! Fasted!! Because I am first to solve. That will not last. But the kittens look very naughty. They are your distant relatives, ofcourse. Thank you tigress.