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Hi Lee, she's a pretty one but when I look in the eyes I don't want any of them

Love the dark blue ostrich with the purple head and tail.Thanks.


Hi Gwen, tootie and Joyce thanks glad you liked this bit of fun if nobody solved them there wouldn't be any point making them and it would be back to my crosswords. Trying to make people smile is what i aim for in the long mosaics and they are lots of fun to make


I must comment that it must be very rewarding to have a "fan" following like you do. I know it has to feel good to be appreciated for your endeavors.


Fun puzzle ~ Silly looking ostriches!! I really like the one with the crook in it's neck!!! Your stripes are great....the eyes with the barren trees above them is hysterical!!! Like they're bushy eyebrows!! LOL And yes, those feet/nails give very nasty kicks!!! Great puzzle!! Many thanks again June!! :)))))
(time, 6:16)


Oh, my gosh, I love it and I haven't even solved this one. Great subject and I love those eyes! good job


I would not want one after me !!! Love the eye layer on this one. It was a surprise at the end. Thank you. : )))))


see those toe nails! and they kick, they always look angry to me and mad as hatters


I wouldn't want to meet up with an angry one of them in a dark alley.... Cute puzzle, June. Thanks.