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A mixture of old and new :)) II

108 pieces
186 solves
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Good afternoon Jan, that's a lovely compliment and I'm glad you had some fun with the remix. Being the 111th to solve the puzzle should be accompanied by some prize or at least a strike of good luck LOL. Thanks for your early visit and I'll see again after having a closer look at your angels. :))


Thanks Hanne, it's good to know that you like new mixture of old images. As I don't have a Bent, I'm slowly running out of new images that I made in summer and I have to recycle some of them :)). Thanks for dropping by. :))


Darn it, Dagmar! I got so caught up in the making of each little square, that I completely missed your boards! It was so very much fun to do this puzzle. We got to revisit some of our old favorites and get delighted by the new favorites! Wonderful compilation! Thanks so much!!
(I DID get to be the 111 solve!)


I'm so impressed by your sense of arranging these pictures!! It's brilliant really and you make them look the best possible every one of them!! Thanks so very much, Dagmar!!