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Wednesday's 3/4 Dozen KaleidoBOARDS!

45 pieces
92 solves
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Since all boards start out as kaleidos, every 3X3 kaleidoscope puzzle has 9 kaleidos to choose from. today, I had 12 kaleidos to start from and narrowed it down from there. I made puzzles with 9 boards, 7 boards and 5 boards. This was the one I liked the best! Hope you do, too!


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Love it.. Thanks Jan ... Hugs


Much easier than I anticipated. One board to one piece of puzzle. I even made the board and I never usually do!!!!!


WOW!!! Nine--never saw nine before. Will see how this works out--lots of yellow and black and all kinds of stuff. Thanks for the challenge.


That's what happens when you can't make up your mind, Hanne! :D


I do like them very much, but there are SO MANY!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Thanks so much, Sissel!

Mandy - Again, Thank you so much!

Jim - I kind of think they do, too. I'm glad you enjoyed the cheerful and wild patterns. They are fun to make!

PJ - Happy was necessary's been a tough week! (too many plumbers!) Thank you!


Yes Jan, it was great fun to solve and it's such a happy composition - bright cheerful colors and wild patterns :-)))


Everytime I see stuff like this it reminds me of Arizona. When I'd visit my parents I'd see a lot of designs lke this. They are really beautiful.


Fabulous, thanks :~)


Love it :-)


Edie - sometimes it is "the more the merrier!" Thank you!

Hester - sometimes it is "too many cooks." Sounds like you have a FUN day planned. But, the roses will love you!

Ardy - AGES ago I did 9 and 7 boards. Then I settle on 7 for a long time...... Glad you enjoyed it!

Katie - I really couldn't choose! I'm glad you had fun!!


Yikes! MegaBOARDS! Oh, that was fun Jan!!!


Wow. Have you ever done a 9 BOARD before? Crazy fun. Makes me think of someone who is incredibly busy. There's so much going on here. Thanks Jan. This was really fun.


Whoa, that was a tricky one! I was all over the place with the lookee likees : 2 speckly greens, 2 black centres and lots of yellow bits! Thanks for the brain work out, Jan. Now I'd better return to my garden and ferrying fertiliser / manhandling manure / poo to my roses! It's a rare mild and sunny day over here so I must make the most of it. ;-)


Extra boards as well! This was great. Lots of fun unscrambling these. Thanks so much Jan, I really enjoyed them.