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Old Barn repeat - July 11, 2012

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Thank you Monica, laura and Ank.


A lovely photo, thanks.
PG did you see it's a Dutch video. Now you know how it is here in winter. lol


I love this old barn, Sandy. Thanks for posting it again. I am with mhughes69. I would like to walk around it and see it from all angles.
PG...that was a funny video clip of all those cars slipping and sliding....although it may not have had the owners laughing at the time.


O.M.G. Sandy, I love, love, love it! It's so beautiful and old and rundown! I wish I could be there to walk all around it and check it out! I just love it! Thanks so much for sharing these pic's of old barns, their wonderful!...Monica


Ha Suzy.
Thank you robryan.


Wonderful barn chickie - I love it! And I agree - we'll never see the likes of these when they disappear. Thanks.


He is, Chickie.


Thank you lyndee.


So I guess you are calling yourself a wimp?


For all my Northern friends this is why wimps move south.


Nice barn puzzle chickie. I must have missed it the first time around.


I thought I commented on here earlier gnt. Thank you for your comment and thank you shirley.


You summed it up very well, chickiemama, my sentiments exactly, This is a beautiful old barn, Thank you chickiemama.


real great old barn. I can imagine it when it was like new and how great it was then.


LOL ebkrueg.


I think Gary would pave paradise . . . .


LOL Gary. I am glad atleast one of you likes them. I don't know what the attraction is, but there is something intriguing about the old barns and old buildings. Once they are gone, we will not see this kind of construction again. And I guess they bring back wonderful old memories from our childhood. Many of the vacant old buildings bring out the curiosity in me. I wonder what they were used for in their day or what stories could be told. Many of them are a piece of art. No, you didn't insult me. Always glad to hear your comments. Thanks Sandy


Wow! I guess that one's not in use any more! Did Monica tell you that she likes old barns too? Every now and then she will get an itch to go out and find old dilapidated barns and other buildings to shoot photos of! I still don't understand what the deal is about them, their just old, rusty, run-down buildings to me! Oops! I hope I didn't just insult you, I wasn't trying to! Sorry! I guess I just don't see what others see in stuff like that!


You are welcome Dottie.
Thank you young man.


A little brush removal and all will be right in the world of the barn. Another nice barn young lady.


I can just hear the laughter of kids in that hay loft. Good memories of my childhood at my cousin's farm. Thanks so much, Chickie!


Thank you Patti, jcarroll, Hanne, moris and warbler.


Nice! Very Nice! Especially for me since I wasn't here for the first round. Thanks for the inspiration, Chickie!


I du like this one.


It IS an aged beauty indeed!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


I agree, chickie! Still a nice one!


That's a barn worth repeating! Thanks, Chickie!