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Fun Cushion!

36 pieces
85 solves
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That's funny, Edie. I've always used a laptop and when I switch to the iMac, I feel like my whole head is moving back and forth to see the pieces! LOL It took a LONG time for me to be able to use the big one for puzzles. Good luck!! :D


Gail gave me the same suggestion but I haven't got the hang of it yet. Still don't make the board even with the mouse. I think I'm so used to my big screen iMac that I'm straining to see on the MacBookAir and that's part of the problem.


yep - just as I thought - almost 1/2 the time, Edie. BTW, I mouse on my leg (jeans) and it works just fine! LOL


I am faster with the mouse but usually still miss the board by 20-30 seconds so the touch pad is more convenient when I'm sitting on the couch watching tv and I don't really have a place to work the mouse. I only make the boards on my iMac so for instance my time with the touch pad was 2:14, now I'll solve on my iMac and see if I'm on the board :-))


Why on earth were you using the touchpad? the mice were hiding? Talk about making it hard on yourself! But, wait! If you do that.......I might actually be able to solve a puzzle faster than you! LOL (as if!!)


Just finished 4 of your JiggyBelleS puzzles but I did them on my laptop with my touchpad and didn't make the board on any of them. I really did enjoy them all though even if I was slow :-)))


Kirsten said it yesterday - It is an "owl-y" kind of day, Hester! Thanks!

Diane - thank you! I needed something more basic and colorful. Glad you liked it.

Rosie - Some day I will tell you about pet sitting an owl in college. You would not want to do any tummy rubbing after that!!!!! thanks! :D))

Thank you, Kirsten. I do like comfy cushions......not like the ones here in the hotel!


Beeyoodeeful cushion, Jan! Thanks!! :)))


Pretty colors and those little green owls eyes are adorable and their pink tummies should be tickled.


Absolutely love this puzzle. Fantastic and fabulous. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


And here I am, Mrs Simple and Cheerful!! Love those cute little green owls, Jan :-))


Thanks, Katie and Ardy! I was in the mood for a simple and cheerful image. I am so glad it pleased you, too!


Here are colors that really please me anyway. Gorgeous kaleido. Love the white background and the matching frame. I kept it for last. Thanks, Jan.


Most colorfully fun Jan! :>)


Thanks, JC!!!


Definitely fun, Jan! Thanks!