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Pere Borrell del Caso (1835-1910) - Escaping criticism

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Pere Borrell del Caso (Puigcerdà 1835 – Barcelona1910) was a Catalan painter, illustrator and engraver, best known for his painting "Fugint de la crítica" (Escaping criticism) (1874), an example of trompe-l'œil. It blurs the boundary between real and fictitious space.


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Maria, by the time you see this, I may not be on the bottom of the
leaderboard, can't believe it, this was quite challenging, love this
painting. Have a good week.


Hello, Maria, It is so nice to meet you, you are the first jigidi member that
I have met who is from Spain. I am in the U.S. Years ago, I worked at
a big university, and I got acquainted with a college student, whose father was
a Postmaster in Madrid. We invited him home to dinner and then took him
to a rodeo. I wonder what happened to him, I hope he had a successful life.

Regarding the puzzles:

I have to enlarge the screen, I have a good size screen and then I have
zoom in and out throughout solving the puzzle, it is very frustrating, but
it this one is dark, and what isn't dark is gold frame, horizontal and vertical.
I don't understand how you can solve it in under an hour, I am 52% complete
and I turned off the timer as it bothered me, I am not in competition with the timer : ).
I was on jigidi for quite awhile before I discovered that we could change the
background color, I do have the dark background on the screen for this one, it
is a berry or purple color, it does help a lot. Thank you for the greeting, I would
love to travel to your country someday. Have you been to U.S.


I'm glad you like this picture, I also love it. My fingers are not as nimble as you say and my eyesight begins to fail. I first change the background color so that the pieces are properly highlighted and do puzzles collecting pieces by color and not necessarily look the edges first.
I do not know if I have to answer here or in "A Village Of Books" puzzle. Greetings from Barcelona.


What a painting, maiwbcn, I love it. Have never seen it before.
Will solve it asap, I came to visit you and congratulate you for
being the top member on the leaderboard, I don't know how
you do it, what quick eyes and nimble fingers you have. I just
completed it and it took me hours (had a little help from my
grandchild). Hope you visit again. You have quite a few paintings
that I am going to be solving, nice to have met you, maiwbcn.