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Monday's Flowers

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I do, Sissel! :-)


You must have a "very funny" garden - love it :-)


Ardy, of course they're still fresh. I went into the garden and snapped the picture.


Lovely puzzle, Wendy. These flowers are still perky even a day later. Thanks.


PJ, don't worry about my stupid hand. My addiction to creating compels me to be foolish. However, I do wish Magnus and Stefan had a Jigidi Anonymous group that would pretty much run along the same lines as AA.

Barb, you like the same one I do. I had planned to make singles for people who expressed an interest in a particular one, but I lost a list I had with people's names and preferences...and then I decided that the less I have to keep track of, the better. I find that doing what I SHOULD do is too hard. Aging is actually affecting my kidding.

Katie, that sounds like a terrific idea. Just make sure to return them after dinner is over.

Jill, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Mary, you picked my second to favorite. :-)

whatnauts, I agree. Flowers are needed on dreary days. This is the fourth day in a row where we've had no sun.


These are very lovely flowers - much needed for this cold snap we are having to endure.


Oh, that bottom right practically jumps off the screen! Doing the Holding in the Bottom Right Dance to keep it safely on Buckeye's table! LOL 4:44 Thanks, Wendy!


Lovely to behold and great fun to solve. Thanks, Wendy!


Hi Wendy, thanks for another lovely bouquet! I'll put these on my dinner table this evening. Thanks!


Lovely, bright, and cheerful! Love that top right flower, Wendy.
Thanks for doing these smaller puzzles for us. Really appreciate it. :-)


Wendy - yes, I love the puzzle, the colors, the fun flowers - but I don't want your hand to hurt in creating these ......?


Ada, I'm so glad I woke you up! :-)


well gee, was about to take a nap, but this one woke me up!!! nice!