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10* Happy Birthday Pkin

12 pieces
122 solves
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hey china3 hi, never mind the leaderboard - it is a fickle piece of kit is that. Glad you stopped by and really glad you shared Jingles and Duncan with us :o)


Didn't make the leaderboard but I sure am enjoying learning about you all and how this jigidi community works. Thanks for all your help in making my kittens famous on the Tenstar!


It is a ten star ... Thanks so much DYR Team ... you are the best ... Love all the comments Michelle .. Nicky ..... Sissel ... Fran ... LadyC .. Magicfingers .. and of course Ten Star ...


.... and it's a very happy 10* birthday from TenStar


mmmm magic cake for magic fingers yumeeee


It does look sinful doesn't it Michelle but ! one is allowed on one's birthday so have another slice, Pat won't mind .... Good luck at the Casino Pat - is it "put everything on red" or "don't put everything on red" LoL Place your bets please ....... hope you are having a fun day ...


Happy Birthday, Pat. Have fun at the Casino. Wishing you lots of luck.
(That cake is sooo delicious looking.)


Happy birthday :-)


Wow! That cakes looks delish! Happy Birthday - don't eat it all at once!


Woo Hoo...hope that you strike the jackpot, Pat!! Wouldn't that be an abfab Birthday gift! Fingers are crossed up here for you! ☺☺

Speaking of abfab...ooooh, LadyC et al, this looks sinful. I'm just going to try a wee wee piece.


Thank you to the DYR Team .. Starlord (he's the greatest) .. Major Don .. Sissel .. Squishy .. Aggie .. RJ .. and of course my friend and partner LadyC .... Love you all

Thank you so much Robbos ... How is things going downunder??

I do have to work this morning for the Company but this afternoon going to the Casino ( I have $65.00 in free money to spend)


Happy Birthday Pat, enjoy the day in the best way possible☺☺


Hope you have a fabulous birthday Pkin - happy, happy, birthday xxx