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Neon Swirl

48 pieces
168 solves
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Love it Jill, The neon colours and the gentle swirl, fun to solve too, Many Thanks Jill.


Great puzzle, looked harder then it was, great colors too. Curious about the creator, was it you Jill? Hugs dear sister.


Absolutely, dear one! Sad people and happy people, that's what makes up a democracy. Both sides can't be satisfied, but, by the same token, it shows our people have the freedom of individual choices that are heard! I'm not mad or angry, mainly numb. I'm glad you liked the swirl. I thought it went well with the neon. Thanks, T! .... :-)


Thanks, dear one. I'm glad you like the neons, I enjoy them also. Bright and cheery colors work for me today also, because, every day of life is a gift! Ah, Sally, you are the bestestest! .....:-)


To light up the darkness... Hooray! Excellent swirl, dearest RJDB :-)


Missed the board.... Loved your puzzle.... Neon bright is really good fun.... Thank you good buddy.... You're the bestest.... :) :)