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Happy Halloween to everybody!!!! :)) I

48 pieces
161 solves
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Spookylicious! Thanks Dagmar!


Happy Halloween! I think you used every color you could find to make this wonderful puzzle. So much fun! 4:47 Thanks, Dagmar!


Hello PJ, I'm happy that you had some fun with the haunted pumpkins. :))

I haven't been watching the news today, but I have been following Sandy on the Internet and for some people it will be a long time until things will be back to normal.


Happy Halloween to you Dohun. Very fun puzzle, and I enjoy the design.

I've been watching the news from New York - and I feel sorry for all the pople who are struggling.


The same to you Ardy, I just stumbled over you at Kirsten's site. :)) You really are getting fast you are still up on the board after sixty solves.
I'm glad to know that things are settling down around your place, although I suppose it will take a long time to get New York and the surrounding areas back to a normal state.
Thanks for dropping by so early in your morning and see you later, now I have too run, too much ilicit time in Jigidi LOL. :))


Cute, Dagmar. Happy Halloween to you, too. Things are getting back to normal where I am. Most schools are open today and everything seems to be up and running. Have a great rest of your day and take time to play a little. Thanks for this cutie.