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The Queen's Hotel, Newport. Mon.

48 pieces
137 solves
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Hi Phyllis, I notice you haven't been on jigidi for a while. I hope it's because you're busy. Hope all is well with you.


Hi Phyllis you may not read this as I've only just done the puzzle on the 29th May. I'm glad I now know who 'guest' is as I was beginning to think it was a computer programme as sometimes the time is to good to be true. Lovely sunny, warm day here but had the expected thunderstorm and downpour yesterday...Liked the puzzle by the way....Sue

Guest is anyone who is not registered on jigidi. They are only on the board if they are in 1st place. If someone beats them they do not go to 2nd place, they disappear. :) Always try to make guest disappear. :)


Ha! Ha! I know exactly what you mean Pat - the vertical bit:-) I'm sure my grandparents managed their old age with a lot fewer problems, or else they covered their ailments with a smile.

Texas, I guess it must get pretty hot there, I always associate Texas with John Wayne, and Alan [my heart just missed a beat] Ladd - westerns and the like as well as 'Dynasty' too, I guess the 'Hillbillies' were fromTexas, or were they mountain folk!

Yes Kari, it's Newport Mon in Wales. I agree about the blue, another shade it wouldn't have been so good.

You both did better times than I did. Tell me, who is this 'guest' who always gets the top time? Hummm! Nice talking with you both - Phyllis

I really like this building. It got just the right shade of blue. Is this Newport in Wales?
Thanks for a fun puzzle Phyllis! :-))

In S. Texas, Phyllis. Already in the 90's every day and worse to come. I am as well as can be expected for my age. Every day vertical is a good day. :) Thanks for asking.


Hello Pat, I'm ok, could always be better, but I see many worse off than me. What about you, how are you keeping Pat? I loose track of where the Jigidi people live. We have had an amazing Autumn, we've had few frosts and great sunny days to follow. I hear that in the UK their weather hasn't decided what it's going to do.

Hope that wherever you are the weather is being kind to you
Blessings from here to there - Phyllis

Old building but looks great. Hope you are well.