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Baker and Locksmith shop signs in Tivoli Gradens, Copenhagen - Please see comment

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Delighted to see you, Barb. This was one of the easier bell pulls to make. Thanks for coming by.


Heading over to do the next one, Ardy. :-)
Thanks for the translation and explanation too.


LOL Dagmar. Glad to know you are expanding your vocabulary. Thanks for coming by. Hope you have a good night. See you tomorrow.


These are the good things about Jigidi, Ardy, in the first place I could enjoy a friend's puzzle with an interesting image and its story. Then I learned about methods of classifying and cataloging books in a library and that Kirsten went veggie shopping yesterday LOL and last not least a new expression to add to my mental dicctionary, "jammies" was a completely new expression for me. :))

Thanks for a lot of entertainment. :))


Thank you, Ank. Enjoy your visits.


Lovely thanks, both of you.


You are so welcome, Hanne. I'm about to post the next one. These wouldn't be have as much fun without your information. Thank YOU again.


Thanks so very much Ardy, it's SO nice to see the fine pictures that you have made!! I'm impressed with you working with books!! What a job, no, I never realized that it was so big a job cataloguing!! How great that you will and can do it!!


Good morning, Jan. I think you will enjoy these. I was so delighted that Hanne knew about all of these and was willing for me to share. You put up an impressive time. Thank you

Kirsten, :-))))


Oh, this is a fun one! Thanks for all the history!
And I, also, had no idea what all was involved in cataloguing books. Wow! I am impressed!!
Thanks, Ardy!!


Um, Ardy? I don't think I can go shopping in my jammies. LOL!!


I think most people would be surprised at what it takes for a library to get a book ready for circulation. For me that was always the fun part of the job.

And you are on vacation. So what if you skip the shower completely or spend a whole day in your jamies. LOL Have a great walk and hope you find some delicious vegies. Thanks for the good night hugs - a rare happening from you and I LOVE it. I am ready to get into my flannel nightclothes. See you in about 9 hours. ((HUGS)) back.


Oh, my. I had no idea there was so much work involved, Ardy! But it sounds like it is very rewarding. And not TMI. The "I" bit is what makes Jigidi so interesting, don't you think?

And at this stage it's looking like Ingrid and Lee will arrive on Friday afternoon. I think by then, I'll be looking forward to some company. At the moment I'm enjoying NOT having company, so I can Jigidi to my heart's content. I've spent the morning framing up my "fave" singles for this week, which feature quite a few of your picks. Shortly I'm going to make myself some lunch, and have a shower (naughty, I know) and then I'm going to walk into town for some vegie shopping for tonight's dinner. That will probably be an hour long round trip I reckon. 'Specially since I don't know where the vegie shop is yet! LOL It's a fine day here today, but not overly warm, with quite a strong, cool wind. Perfect for walking!! I see it's around 8:30 pm there, so even though I'm sure you're not going to bed just yet, here are some good night hugs ((HUGS)), and I'll see you on your morrow and my evening. :)))


Hi Kirsten. I was delighted that Hanne knew all about these songs and stories when I sent here the Danish phrases. I have six more of these to post. Thanks for taking the time to take a look. It's wonderful just having you come by.

I got through two of the three boxes today. I'll go back Wednesday and work on the rest. Right now I'm checking the books for any publishers flaws and assigning the classification numbers. After that is done then comes the stamping with the library stamp, putting the book plate inside the front cover and the date due slip inside the back cover along with assigning the bar code number and stamping it on a label and putting the label inside the back cover as well. When all that is finished I can go to the computer and do the actual cataloging which will add the book to the online catalog - no more card catalogs. Then comes typing the call number labels and putting them on the books. Finally putting plastic covers on the books that have book jackets. Then the books are ready for circulation. TMI but this is the part of the work that I enjoy the most.

Hope your weather is better today. When do Ingrid and your friend come?
Here are some enjoy the rest of your day hugs ((HUGS))


Lovely work Ardy. And a funny story. So pragmatic! If you have no money, you must leave!! LOL

How was your cataloguing? My guess is that you are blissfully exhausted!


Thanks Pat. Hope your rain is gone. We had a beautiful day today sunny and reasonably warm. Supposed to rain tomorrow and turn much colder. I'd rather keep today.


Beautiful thanks Ardy


Translation: There lives a baker on Noerregade,
Explanation from Henna9 aka Elfie: This is an old song for children that everybody knows. It tells you what kind of bread he bakes and how nice it is with lots of sugar on it. You can see it all in his window and if you have money you can buy, but, if you have none you'll just have to leave. I don't know when it is from but think it has been there all the time since the first baker opened shops with windows.