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I wonder if she knew that

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in 2012 an English woman was seriously injured when the tamed cheetah she was petting turned on her and attacked biting her in the head and stomach. Her husband took pictures from outside of the enclosure of the whole attack.


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sorry bradjan, I don't know the story behind it. It was probably at an animal sanctuary like the one my sister is visiting.


Was it raised as a kitten? Beautiful cheetah. You still have to remember that they are wild animals and something must have set her off to attack. People make mistakes and the cat is to blame.


That is correct, it was in the papers for days here. The reason the husband didnt help his wife is that
the ranger told him to stand still, if he moved the cheetah would kill her.


Edith thank you for showing your loved ones, a very pretty picture, your sister is very brave :-))))


That is my sister, the one who's name is also Dagmar and her husband. They were married last August. Her first time and she's older than me.


I wouldn't mind having one of these as a pet :)) They always seemed like a mixture of dog and cat to me meaning you would get two in one. LOL


good set


I didn't tell her yet that she's going to be famous because of her picture on Jigidi. I'll leave it as a surprise.

Maybe the husband was already thinking ahead to a law suit.


Now now, and I thought we were kitty cat lovers LOL LOL Please tell your sister thank you for sharing her photos with us. Glad this one had a happy outcome!!! Like Puzzeljac, how could one take photos of such a horror?


Hi kitty, stay sweet please.
Thanks for that story, how is it possible to make photos at such a moment. I wonder.