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glorious goats

90 pieces
135 solves
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Hi Lee and Mariasha, goats are amazingly intelligent and very naughty. Ours is a pygmy goat about the same size as our dogs. Congratulations on your ten new arrivals, lots of un in store there

My daughter has goats, and in the last couple weeks they have had 5 sets of twins! So, I couldn't resist this puzzle...thank you!

I had no idea that goats were so smart!.....thank you.


Hi willymon, Joyce and Hanne thank you so glad you enjoy these, they are fun to make too. Gertie is still trying to kick my back door down


Ohh, goats!! Happy memories!! Thanks so very much June!!


Not too heavy June!!! Is she still ''knocking'' on your door? LOL


The last weeks you creations are verry special!!
Thank you,


Hi Lindaisling and Joyce thanks. I might be a bit heavy handed with the pats


Fun puzzle, love your goats!!! Great stripes too. Those are some huge horns in the top stripe!!! Give Gertrude some pats from me please and she better behave and stay put!!! LOL Many thanks for another fun morning June!! :))))
(time, 7:01)


Great fun!


we have a black and white pygmy goat who thinks she is very funny. Karl is forever rebuilding barricades to keep her in. yesterday she found a new way out from the back yard where she is supposed to be. so then, to show how 'clever' she had been, she knocked on the front door and stood there grinning. they say if smoke can get through a fence so can a goat


June, your puzzles are always great fun to do, and it shows, that you enjoy making them not less. Thank you so much.