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Triorbs .....

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Drats, Mimi, you discovered my secret... You're not suppose to let the cat out of the bag.... Kidding aside, dearest Mimi, you are a treasure, your compliment brought tears to my eyes, a blush to my cheeks and a warmth to my heart.... Thank you, forever your RS.... :) :)


It is my considered opinion that these stunning, complicated puzzles just appear magically on our screens, that is the only explanation. Mere mortals haven't the power to cause this wonder. And that's that!


Thank you, PJ for your thoughtful comment.... I'm glad you enjoyed it.... :) :)

Awww, Josie dear, thank you for the complimentary comment.... You make me blush, girl... It's a happy little avatar... It even makes me smile... Have a lovely evening.... Hugs... :) :)

Wow, Whattie.... I'm speechless... If there's room after Judy's exibition we can give it a go... I understand Foxy's charging Judy a 10% Manger Commission... If all goes well I'll try to get her down to 4%.... Probably won't work as she can sell snow to Canadians in winter, you know, Eh.... Such a talent she has... Thanks again.... :) :)

Groan!!!!!! You've got me in a corner now, Pumpkin, don't know what to say to that.... Good time, you beat Shirley and that's not easy, seems your wisdom tooth was superfluous.... :) :)

I've done the same a lot lately, Shirley, on this new Jigidi... Haven't figured out why... Could just be me....Glad you liked the new orb shape... This creating is so much fun.... Happy Australia Day Public Holiday.... Hugs... :) :)


Oh I did it again, or I didn't do it, that is click 'post comments'. Thank you sally for this lovely puzzle, orbs lend themselves to allsorts of shapes, and come out looking just dandy. :):)


I tri-ed the orb puzzle...and did okay with it! :) Good one Sally.


I love your triorbs, SMor. I think this one is a candidate for MoMA. (1:28)


Hello my dear Sally, doesn't matter what you do, you always master it, great texture and color. Absolutely love your new avatar. Hugs, Josie


Great puzzle and fascinating design. Amazinf digital possibilities - enjoy the effects you have used.


er... while I haven't gotten around to many since I've been obsessed and rather impatient to play, I actually like tutes too! I did find Elements Village but haven't spent a lot of time there yet. It's getting to the point where the obsession to play is dying down and the hmmm? what next? me is starting to take over so I expect that I'll start to dedicate some time to the learning process now. I have been learning so much from generous people such as yourself, Chrissie (natch!), my fellow Ontarian Francine (she's tops!), Kathy (pilley), etc... I laughed; you don't know how much "undo" I do do! I can't seem to retain what all the effects do yet...probably because I'm tweaking so much. Francine has taught me about using a huge number of layers and that's what I did with the pumpkin pie. Glad to share it with you and wish I could send a real one over! ;-D


Lots of layers, Michelle... Shapes, layer styles, using the cookie cutter tool... And lots of playing around.... AND asking Foxy a lot of questions.... She actually likes tutorials... I cringe and shake.... 'Elements Village' is a good web site to start, they have a forum and everything, you can ask questions, nothings to basic for them to answer.... Heck they answered me once.... Lot's of trail and error... My recycle bin stays pretty full.... My second favorite button is 'undo'.... It's a fun learning curve.... Hang in there, each new thing you learn fires the imagination... I had a piece of your no-cal pumpkin pie... delicious.... Thank you.... :) :)


I tried a really big bandage, but I couldn't stop it... Good to know it didn't spoil anything.... :) :)


Wow...complex design, Sally. The interweaving and the white diamonds fading to clear. Man, do I have a lot to learn! ;-D

Like the way the red bleeds into the background at the bottom.