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Who Knew???

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For a preview of tomorrow's celebration, visit:

Annually, the week beginning with the third Monday in March is Act Happy Week.

Dr Dale L Anderson MD, creator of Act Happy Week, teaches that "Drawing from the tradition of the theatre, we can create a new paradigm for stress reduction and success. Staging, scripting, costuming and acting the part of a successful, relaxed and healthy person can stimulate our bodies to produce neuropeptides such as endorphins and other chemicals that bolster the immune system and promote well being."

There are 7 steps that we can take in our efforts to "act happy".

1. Don't Worry, Choose Happy.
2. Cultivate Gratitude.
3. Foster Forgiveness.
4. Counteract Negative Thoughts and Feelings.
5. Remember, Money Can't Buy Happiness.
6. Foster Friendship.
7. Engage in Meaningful Activities.

It seems to me that Jigidi is one of the most perfect places for us to "Act Happy" and fulfil all the above steps, whilst also having Fun!! I wish you all a truly Happy Day and Week.

Don't forget to come back later for the link to find out what we'll be celebrating tomorrow - I try to post the link between 10 and 11 pm GMT. :~)


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Thanks Fran - it's good to know you enjoy this one so much - I do have fun researching the topics!

You're welcome Magda, nice to see you today :~)


Thanks Mandy for the link.


Mandy, this one has to be my favourite of your series. Thank you, clever you, for coming up with the idea and finding the topics for us.


Thanks Rosie - it always makes me happy when people visit and leave such appreciative comments :~))

Thanks Pat - an old adage, but oh so true. I want to always be smiling :~)))


Love this one Mandy ...It is so true.. Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone...


Mandy, I always love your Who Know puzzles and this one especially is such an appropriate one for us Jigidiers because this site really brings happiness--wonderful puzzles to enjoy and solve and great friends to meet and talk with and new friends to make. Thanks for all you do to create this atmosphere and be a good friend to all. Rosie


Thanks whatnauts - for some reason I've got a song in my head after reading your comment - it will certainly keep me happy today!!

Thanks Ardy - I had to post late yesterday as I just couldn't get any internet connection from work in my morning break, and of course now I can't post at my usual time either.... but there is a link to "today's" puzzle added to "yesterday's" for people to check what's coming up - I hope that makes sense!! Enjoy your week of acting happy!!

Thanks Gail - isn't it great, I just couldn't resist including it in the image!! I had such fun searching for "act happy" pics!! Have a wonderful week :~))


Wonderful puzzle and wonderful advice. Jigidi really does fulfill those requirements. Thank you, Mandy. Oh, and I love that happy anteater! LOL.


Mandy, You posted about the time I had to leave Jigidi this morning. I kept looking for you since you are often on early. Good thing this is all week. I don;t feel like I've totally missed it. LOL Thanks. Great puzzle and a wonderful idea for a week.


Another wonderful Who Knew puzzle, monza. I certainly agree with you that Jigidi is a happy place. I hope you had a Happy Day and I wish you a Happy Week as well :))


Wonderful Edie, I'm delighted you're smiling - so am I :~)

How lovely Katie, I'm really pleased you're already happy - LOL!

Thanks Josie - it's good to hear your enjoyed the puzzle :~)

You're so welcome Hanne - the reason I started this puzzle was to find something to celebrate on every day, and it's lovely that people are enjoying it :~)

Thanks Barb, I'm smiling, knowing that my puzzles make you smile :~)))

PJ - it's always great to know you've enjoyed a puzzle, thanks :~)

Wendy, I love that you love the pics I chose, and the 7 steps :~)))

Magda, it's good to know you are always happy on Jigidi... so am I!!! I looked for an explanation for you Magda, and found this link which might be helpful.

Well done shazzaannie - you sound very disciplined though... but I expect you enjoy Jigidi even more knowing your chores are finished... LOL!!!

Well I'm happy now the chores are done for the day and I can sit down with Jigidi.


Yes Mandy Thanks especially for this one. It really helps to smile. I have often be asked what is the secret to Happiness: Well, be content with what you have, and don't hanker after more. In any case, I am always very happy, when I am on jigidi.ยจ
ps. You teachers out there. I have always problems to differentiate between specially and especially. Any suggestions? Thanks


HUGE SMILE for this Who Knew??? puzzle, Mandy. I LOVE the pics you chose for this, and I LOVE the seven steps. :-)


Mandy - what a wonderful puzzle - images and message are great.
Thank you. PJ


I'm happy now that I've arrived back home from errands in gusty blowing snow. And I always smile when doing your Who Knew puzzle, Mandy, thanks. :-)


Wonderful idea!! Just imagine that it could be ALL the year!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


This is excellent in so many ways, thank you so much for your thought and time.


This is GREAT Mandy! I'm really lucky - I don't have to act happy, I AM happy!!! Thanks for a wonderful, fun day!


Thanks Mandy, I'm smiling as I type this.