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Blue Arches

49 pieces
103 solves
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Thanks, whatnauts! :-)))


A terrific looking puzzle, no matter what you see in it - canoes, arches, plaid, butterflies!!!


I grew up on LI, but now I live in Westchester, the first county north of NYC. We had just a normal snowfall today, but, as predicted, the snow is now coming down more heavily and the wind is starting to pick up....Thanks, Kathy!

I can see canoes, too, Jan--I think the center shapes look like 2 canoes side-by-side. I'm glad you liked it! :-)


And I saw 2 canoes! I'm not sure why! Very fun puzzle, Pat! Thanks so much!


Nice one, Pat! I agree that is very interesting that wilddog saw the butterfly even when you didn't use the name - very cool!
Good luck during the storm ... do I remember correctly that you are on Long Island? The Weather Channel is reporting on LI at the moment. We will get a bit of snow over the weekend, totally different system, I'm in Colorado.


We have about 3-4 inches so far. But the forecast is for the heaviest snow and highest winds to come during the night.....


I like your blue arches, Pat. A lot. Are you getting snow? We have some drizzle with with temperatures just above freezing it hasn't been too much of a problem - so far.


Thanks so much, wilddog! The funny thing is, I usually call these mirror/copy kaleidos some type of butterfly, and this time, out of all the times, I didn't--yet you saw it that way! I say that's funny because so many of the ones that I DID call butterflies were NOT seen that way by others! LOL!


Thanks, Katie--I made a number of loonies on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and when I went to select one, they were not listed in any file! Fortunately, I could tell approximately what numbers they would have, going from the last ones I'd made, and when I typed in the correct first 10 numbers (they have about 14, corresponding to the session you're in, plus a number for the each individual one in particular), the numbers pop up. UN-fortunately, I can't see the images until I open them in Paint or under "create", so I just clicked on a few at random until I found one I wanted to use! So this could very well be from a puzzle with a blue plaid looniness running through it...!


Looks like a colorful beautiful butterfly.


Looks like a bright plaid to me...thanks Pat!