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Blocks..... (S)

48 pieces
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Edie's Size... (108 pieces) :) :)


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But you take pretty durn good photos... Blocks aren't everything you know.... :) :)


I was never very good playing with blocks and nothing has changed.


Thank you my dear RS. You are so good to me!


Ok I'll make you two.... Just because.... You're extra special.... :) :)


Well, OK. Rosie can have a few, sigh!


Thank you, Rosie... Glad you enjoyed the blocks/presents.... There seems to be a big demand for the purple ones... I'll have to put extras in the next time.... As for the Red ones, Mimi might give you a run for your money.... :) :)

So pleased you like wrapped gifts, Good Buddy... There may be some in your future when we get back to San Diego where the postage is way, way cheaper... And you're much closer... Relatively speaking... TN is really not that far you know.... Hugs 'L'.... :) :)

Edie, what a fun hobby... I know what you mean about the 'money pit', have had a few of those hobbies myself... Raised Budgies/Parakeets for several years... Was good fun to see the different colours when you paired them up... Fresh eggs make a lovely gift for friends... And you're never at a loss for Sunday breakfast.... :) :) Thanks for letting me know about your chickens, I didn't know coops could be so expensive... :) :)

Mimi dear one, when we slow down from touristing I have in mind to make you your very own red puzzle... Just because.... you're my QORE.... So maybe it's OK for Rosie to have a few red ones... Your RS.... :) :)


Sally these are gorgeous. I like them all, but you have to make Roerick give me all the red ones - just because!


Did you ever see the movie 'The Money Pit'. That's pretty close to what my chickens are. Strictly as a hobby but like everything around here, they're spoiled. Coops cost over $2000, add another $500 for fencing them in. The cost of the chickens is minor, then there's their feed, treat, medications, etc. My OH claims that if I sold my eggs at $20/dozen I still wouldn't recoup my investment. Also my chickens are here for life. I don't replace them with new ones every two years like someone who is doing it for profit. The best part is giving away the eggs. People love receiving them because they're multi coloured and always fresh. It's fun and I enjoy it. Thanks for letting me know it's no trouble. I won't mind asking should I find time to do a bigger size. Thanks Sally


A really fun one, to look at and great fun to solve! I rather like the wrapped gift idea! Thanks so much, dear,one.


Ooooooo! Pretty gift wrapped presents all ready for birthdays and Christmas. The butterflies are for birthdays and all of the pretty patterns are for Christmas. I want the purple butterfly and the red with the kaliedos katy-korner from the purple. Thanks for this delight.


Been making blocks in my spare time... Just threw them all together for a quick puzzle.... (Not really)... Made a template then had a great time filling in the patterns and picking the colours.... So this design might just show up again later.... Glad you liked it, mate.... Thanks so much.... :) :)

You're welcome, Gwen.... "super" is good.... Gives me a big smile... Thank you.... :) :)) :)))

Aw, Edie... It's no bother at all... Please ask any time... Takes only seconds to create a puzzle in a different size and then copy the link.... If you want it you got it.... OK, now... "The chickens want out"... A little explanation please.... I see photos of chickens you've posted... Some of them look pretty fancy... Is this a hobby or a serious business?? Thanks for letting me know you like the puzzle.... :) :)) :)))

It's never to late to learn, Snooker... Shall I send you some blocks with A B C on them or would you rather have Legos???

Thanks, PJ... You're a sweetie.... :) :)

You're made of sterner stuff than me Gail if you go for the 540... There is a link above to the 108 piece if you want to ease into the biggie.... Have fun if you do.... Thanks for letting me know you liked the design.... :) :)

I was thinking of saving them for Christmas, but you can have yours now... I suppose you'd like a purple one.... :) :)) :)))


These are gorgeous. I'm thinking maybe they're presents or at least gift wrap samples :))


I really like the design of this puzzle, Sally. Now I'm going to have to try the larger one! Thank you for your innovations.


Sally - this is stunning and marvelous. Great design, and I too enjoy those little butterfly boxes :-)))

Wish the blocks I played with as a kid were this pretty. I might have had some artistic ability when I grew up. :)


Great design Sally. You do things with blocks that are always so new and original. I love the little cubes with butterflies that you added. Thanks you so much for giving me the next size. I wasn't going to ask this time because I hate bothering people but it's great for my next break. Right now the chickens want out. Thanks again.


Super puzzle! Thank you. : )))


Sally you have been a very busy lady, putting together all these delightful little patterened blocks, very enjoyable puzzle, Thank you so much Sally :):)