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Zaandam-Zaanse Schans. The Netherlands.

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Mill De Huisman.
The language of the wings:
#1 If the blades are horizontal and vertical (character), then it means that the work is interrupted, but each time can be resumed. In this position we had in the wings to climb the sails to be made if there is too little wind. Often you see the sail rolled up on the side of the wick. A special technique is there to for this neat together.
#2 Are the blades at an angle of 45 degrees with the horizon, it means that the mill some time in operation. (X sign)
#3 How it was always the custom of the death of the miller the wings to get rid of the air signs. We start from the position specified in 2, then the blades rotated so that the lower wick past the 45 degree was put. We would have another quarter turn, the front wings back into a. In this state funeral was said earlier, "He is a heengaander". When the wife of the miller died, then remained at the upper end of the wings, which millers 'rods' be called a wind on board. Sometimes the mill remained long in mourning position, but since the work had to go on was that most mills do not. During the funeral was the mill anyway quiet and was once even customary for someone lagged behind the mill to this so turning (trundle) that the blades always face the direction of the funeral procession followed, until the entrance of the cemetery reached was.
#4 In the joy position the vanes between the state and the x-position. Put the wick in the bottom position slightly to the left and you have the correct position.
#5 For weddings, births, anniversaries, festivals or high visit the mills decorated with garlands, flags, garlands, hearts, streamers, crowns and the Dutch flag is then placed in the top two wings. (X-position)


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Thanks dear, I'm glad you like it


Ank, thank you for the great mill en for the story. It is very interessting.


Hi, nowadays they use the telephone. lol


Wow, Ank. What an interesting custom. Thanks for this info.


Where did I hear this before? lol. Right we all do. But sorry I did not miss you, there were so many comments. I do agree, this is a nice one. In the old days they often lived in the mill. Often with many children. Just like the places you show, small houses with many people.


Oh Ank, I didn't press the button!! It's such a beautiful building: a mill on top of a house!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks Willy Laura and Mary, you are so right, they are beautiful. Yes sorry NL is far away. Laura next time you visit Scotland you can take a trip to NL, just take one more week vacation.


How interesting this is,I would like to see one of them.Thank you Ank.


Very cool info, Ank. I have to see the Netherlands....especially after all the wonderful photos you have posted.


Een mooie foto en interessante uitleg van de wieken. Bedankt


Thanks girls, you are welcome.


Thanks, Ank, for all the explanation. It's so interesting. I appreciate you posting it.


Ank -I find the wing language quite fascinating! It must take a while to be able to "read " the meaning of the sails. Thank you for the puzzle and the information about it .
Hope you have a good evening!


Girls we all love the mills, they are so nice. Ardy there is a wing-language. It's in the information now. So for who is interested, read the info.
Tex, that's great, I really hope a flower will grow. I keep my fingers crossed for you.


Love it! Thank you Ank!


Love the windmill Ank. Thanks


Windmills are so picturesque. I read somewhere that the way the sails are set have specific meanings. Lovely picture. Thanks, Ank.


Gorgeous ... love the windmills...thanks Sis


Oh we have two lovely windmills, Thank you, Ank.


Great windmill, I love seeing the varied designs of them.


Good morning Ank:-)) This is a beauty BIG smile:-))))) Enjoy your dayHUGS


Kathleen is right, thank you so much Ank, HUGS :-)))))))))))


This looks new and otherwise than normal - love it :-)


Charming. Love windmills same as pilley. Thanks, Ank.


Never get enough of the windmills, thanks, another great set.


Wow, I love this, Ank! What a great closeup! Thanks.
Guess what?! I think my Orchid is growing a bloom. It has a little nub on the base of the stem, not where the roots would be, but further up. If it is a bloom I'll post it when it opens! So excited. Thanks to you telling me how to grow them.