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Blue-ringed Octopus - Pacific & Indian Oceans.

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These are deadly little creatures - they have enough toxin to kill 25 adults in one bite! The toxin can kill in 2 minutes & there is no antidote for them. They live in rockpools mainly & are only a couple of inches across.


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You're welcome to it Deborah :))) Thanks.
It's all yours then Gail!!


Yes, Rob, I read your intro. But babies never hurt their mommies, only others' mommies. So while you might not be, I'm safe.


Hee hee...he might find his way to my house! I have read and seen nature shows about this little fellow. Such a deadly little fellow. Many of the most beautifully colored creatures in nature are so brilliantly colored...nature's way of saying "Don't touch, don't eat!" Just look at the little froggies I like so much! By the way, I be missing froggie puzzles...:((( LOL Thanks Rob!


Gorgeous but daedly Meadowhawk!!
Gail - your 'Baby' is a very deadly little thing!! You are most welcome to have it as a baby :))) Did you read my comments up top?
Wise move Shirley!! Thanks.


He's beautiful, but I'll not make friends with him either.


I wanted to get another star on your board, but I think I pushed a star off. Oops...


My baby! You found my baby!!!! Octobabe... And I can tell you she's harmless.
And look at all those stars on your board. Woo hoo!


Gorgeous creature - and a very nifty underwater shot. :)


Beautiful but deadly Monica!! Thanks.
I agree totally pg - it's best to steer clear of them!!
Thanks Jacques.


That is why they are so colorful so you see them and leave them alone. Lovely creature as long as he does not give you a kiss.


wow, beautiful set today Rob!


What a beauty! Love his colorful rings! Thanks Rob! That was fun!


Pretty but lethal chickie - thanks.
Neither would I chookie - thanks.


For such a pretty looking creature, I wouldn't want to meet one face to face! Thanks rob:)


The aqua blue on it is stunning. Thanks robryan.