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The Cathedral of Plzen and the Christmas tree for the Ank

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The Church was built 1295, has the highest church tower in Bohemia, 102,26 m, leads up stairways and has 301 stairs.


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Thank you Ank,you are a very good girl and I have you and Mickey love to and it doesn't matter if a pastor will address some problem, I love you both without a pastor, I wish all goods and good night


Wow, that's beautiful. And very old and high. I also like the Christmas tree and the houses around are also very beautiful. Love the photo. An other cousin of me has been Pastor in Czechoslovakia, but I don't know where. I don't see him often, so I can't ask. He is Pastor in Hungary now. But maybe he comes for the burial Wednesday, she was his aunt too. If he is there I will ask. Thanks for this puzzle Jana.


I am sure that the Ank will love this Jana:-) I did. Thank you.