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A year is nothing 3

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And thanks to you! I had a wonderful time! :)))


Meeting you was a great start to the year! Thanks again, Dear One.


YAY Nellies! :)


Let go of the negatives and embrace the positives and a whole new year will appear. Enjoy!


Java, I see life as kind of a spiral - one keeps learning the same things - but at an ever deepening or widening level. We've all got our own sticking places, but I think that as we learn that, rather than finding it discouraging, those places can become like old friends - a bit timeworn, but no longer a surprise. :)


I love your tp analogy, PhG! But now I'm going to thing of you every time I.... um, oh never mind!
I've lived long enough to know I'll never get it right, but just living comfortable and joyful in my own skin is plenty enough for me. Happy New Year yerself!


A different angle to be sure! Cycles and seasons, one flowing into the next...think there's a song in there somewhere! I like's to another chance to do things better, be more comfortable, joyfull, and look at the world with new eyes! Love and hugs, Libby ;-)))


I agree with Robbie it seams like yesterday we were going to another New Years Party. Life is like a roll of toilet tissue, the closer you get to the end the faster things move. Have a great New Year spuds and many more times to get it right.


I'm glad you thought so too, Healer.


It's a lovely thought PM.


PH - Amen to that!! Happy New Year!


Riveroad, I don't think we ever will. I think it's just in the doing, not in the accomplishing! :)


Hilarious, Robbiel - it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate on its axis! If we got around the sun in 24 hours we'd be zipping so fast I don't think even the gravity could hold us on! It takes is about a year to get around the sun. You knew that - you just had a "senior" moment! :)


Well I have to revise my schedule PM, I thought it took 24 hours to circle the sun!!! I didn't pay much attention in school so these words of wisdom will go in one ear and out the other pretty fast!!
Have a Happy New Year and enjoy your day tomorrow with M.


May we all be more comfortable, more joyful and better! Happy New Year Tater!


...and perhaps one year, we'll get it right...