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The Four Seasons. Let's see what 2013 will bring. :)) I

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Yes it is very good, Mandy, and we have to enjoy it, even though we sometimes forget over all the stupid problems that turn up every day. :))


I'm obviously a very undecided person, because I seem to always like things in the extreme... and I've never even decided if I prefer the city or the country as I love both... and thankfully I have the best of both worlds where I live... easy access to a city when I want it and close enough to walk in nature too... Life is very good!!!


A very Happy New Year to you as well Mary, I hope that 2013 will bring you everything you wish. :))
I really can't imagine living in a place with little or no seasons. Each season I'm looking forward to the next one and I love walking through the countryside looking at the changes, but I wouldn't mind at all to spend a year or two in Florida, I have seen many photos of your place and there are so many different things to see. Thanks for your visit and as always it is a pleasure talking to you.
P.S.: The temperature here has been in the thirties for the last three or four days. That's a bit cold here, but it can become even colder.


Thanks a lot Mandy, it's wonderful to hear that you liked the softer colours, and I have to confess I'm the first one who goes for the bright colours when I have to choose my puzzles. LOL
I also love looking around me, especially when I'm out of the city - I grew up in the countryside - and look at all the marvels that can be found even on a simple meadow. :))
Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comment. :)))


Wonderful puzzle! A challenge for me since we don't really have seasons in Florida except for Spring, Summer, Spring, and two weeks of winter and those seasons blend together. It takes about three months for us to get in those 14 days of winter, which I count as anything that gets way down into the 60's. It's 73 F now on New Year's night so no winter day today. Good way to start the New Year. It probably got to about 80 F today. 5:50 Thanks, Dagmar, and Happy New Year!


Dagmar, this is exquisite!!! I love the photos you took and then the way you've put them in the kaleido maker to make this lovely tribute to your spanish seasons, and although I love the brighter colours you usually use, I am also constantly amazed by the beauty around us, and full of admiration for it. Thank you so much for this gem of a puzzle. :~)


Yes you are right about the photos, Zgiger. These photos were taken around Madrid, Spain and the nearby Guadarrama mountains during the four seasons and then the same images went into a kaleidoskope maker and this is the result. I'm very pleased that you liked them. Most people ignore the nature puzzles because they are not as colourful as my usual ones, but I love the intricate patterns that only mother nature can give, so it is very nice to hear that you liked them. :))


Thanks PJ, I'm happy you liked my seasons, I'm always fascinated by the changes in nature during the seasons and I love taking photos. :))

Exquisite puzzle!!! Do I detect photographs in the top row? You do excellent puzzles. Thanks for sharing!!!


Wonderful puzzle, great idea, fine composition - and yes, let's hope for a happy new year...


Thanks for your welcome back. :)) I'm sorry to tell you that you fell off the board, but only a little while ago you were still hanging on. :))
We had a relaxing time in the mountains and a very busy one since we came back, all the family wanted a piece of us LOL.
Let's hope 2013 will be a marvellous year for us and thank you for always coming round and the lovely and postitive comments that always await me during long and boring days of work my friend. :))
It took me a bit longer to answer as I was preparing an e-mail for you. :))


We are finally all back together in the same year, Dagmar. Love looking through the holes in the fence at the beautiful scenes in the back. (Those fences are beautiful as well.) I'm even on the board. Surprise to me as I thought it was a more difficult solve. Thanks for this and all of your creations. Welcome back - I forgot to say that yesterday - I missed you but visioned you having a great, relaxing time with family and friends. I also hope that 2013 will be a better year. We'll all have to work to make it so.


Thanks to you, SisterJ, for leaving this lovely comment and you are always welcome. :))


Thanks Kirsten, at least I hope it will bring four seasons not only our eternal sun. So far the new year has started well, outside it is chilly and foggy , just as the season demands. LOL

I really do hope that 2013 will bring some good, 2012 has been a very bad year for Spain. And some adventure would be good as well, surprises - when good ones - are always welcome. :))


Great puzzle. Thank you for sharing :-)


Beautiful kaleidoswirls Dagmar!! And yes, let's see what adventures the new year brings us. :)))