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Storm of 28.October 2013

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Caused by the storm of last Monday this tree and several more got blown over in this (rather large) street.
Workmen were very busy clearing it all up...


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Wegwerkzaamheden in de buurt van boomwortels zijn inderdaad niet goed voor de bomen. Maar als er nog redelijk wat blad aan een grote boomkruin zit kan ook een gezonde boom bij een stormvlaag ontwortelen!!


Ik vond het ook een triest gezicht schutkleur. Donderdag kregen we de gratis wijkkrant en daar stond deze boom op de voorpagina, maar dan tegen de gevel van de overkant aan, dus nog niet in stukken gezaagd! Hij stond als eerste in de rij van de straat en aangezien Den Haag net één grote bouwput lijkt en de straten om de haverklap worden opengebroken voor het een of ander vermoed ik dat de wortels van de bomen hier zwaar onder te lijden hebben. Normaal breken ze toch volgens mij niet zo makkelijk los!?


Eeuwig zonde, al die mooie grote bomen!!!
Denk dat er hier ook heel wat omgewaaid is, heb dinsdag en woensdag constant horen zagen om me heen:-(((((


Thank you TOMDEAR and Marilyn.....


The damage done by the storm is so sad. I am glad you were safe.


Thank God you Goofie And your family were safe.


Hi Rebecca, I don't know if Goofie would like that, they're rather big, I don't think he'll believe me when I tell him they are huge pigeons!!:))

I also hope trees will be replaced, but with the budget cuts these days...I doubt it????


Hi TOMDEAR, gemstone, Marian and Brie......thanks for your comments.

TOMDEAR - The storm over Holland on Monday was very heavy and at some point it was more like a hurricane especially on the northern Islands (Waddeneilanden) of Holland, on the news they said it's been the heaviest storm since 1990!

gemstone...The video of the "lucky" cyclist has been all over the world. News-people traced him and it turned out he is a young man of 22 years old, he really had an angel on his shoulder that day:)
two others weren't that lucky....
In Amsterdam a woman got hit on her head by a tree and died instantly, in an other town a man got severely injured when a tree crushed his car, later on the day he died in hospital.

Marian - I'm happy to say I didn't suffer any damage, just 2 plants were blown over and after I picked them up and secured them they're fine, thanks for asking.

Thank you Brie - we were safe, no flooding here, but I saw these sad remains of the tree(s) this morning as I went to "work". Every fortnight I go to a lovely old lady and a large street leads from the busstop to her flat. It was awful to see how many trees already were cut and being removed. I've no idea how many trees in total ended up like this one and/or fell on cars or houses, but I heard the total damage in Holland of Monday's storm comes to approx. 95 million euros.


I always hate to see big trees lost, hope they're replaced. Saw some beautiful ones around town today, although the leaves are seriously swirling. No geese yet... do you think Goofie would like to get up close & personal with one??


Wow impie - that's a big tree - the root mass is large. It is such a tragedy when trees get destroyed by the storms. We were very fortunate not to lose as many as we did in 1987 (14 million that night :o( in the south o England). I hope you and those you love are safe and Holland didn't suffer too much damage, especially flooding


Hi Impie...I also saw some of the storm images on T.V. It seems that weatherwise we are all getting strange and strong storms. Hope you didn't suffer any damage.


The news had a video of a cyclist in the Netherlands just being missed by a falling tree...sounds like quite a few trees were killed with that storm.


Must of had very strong winds to do that.