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Brer Skunk left his mark

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Robbie, I think I'll have to renege on my promise to plant a banana. Having consulted the trusty internet, I have learned that they require higher humidity and warmer winters than we have here. I've had enough plant failures - - I'm not looking to have more!


OK, Robbie, at my next opportunity I'll try to locate a source. A few folks in this area have managed to grow them successfully, but it is not really the right climate for them. Your "no care" suggestion sounds like just my style, but I'm taking that with a grain of salt. With a whole shaker full of salt, actually.


PPM, don't let that scare you off, plant some! Bananas need no care and if you get a bunch once you eat them you will never want to eat store bought bananas again. They are so sweet and full of flavour. The bought ones are picked too early and then washed in a horrible solution, Jenny won't touch them! Dole are the worst, yet sometimes we have no choice.


Thanks for the tipoff, Robbie. I had been considering trying to grow some bananas, but if the rats like them as much as they like my oranges, I think I'll pass and continue picking my bananas at the local grocery store.


No skunks here either, and I really do hope that we'll be able to catch the rats before they become too many!! I do understand the skunk, I like melons very much too!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


No salt PPM? Oh no, guess I'll only borrow sugar when I move in next door! No skunks here, but the rats eat our bananas.


This restaurant does not serve salt or other condiments.


Plumpy they like melons also so did you leave them a little salt to go with the melon?


We have lots of skunks here, but they are not usually a problem. This year is the first they've given me any trouble. I trapped one recently - - a granddaddy sized one - - and the depredations stopped for a few days. Several years ago I unexpectedly came upon two skunks under my tangerine tree. I backed SLOWLY away and left them to their amusements!


Could have been worse, PP. I've had dozens around here. A couple of weeks ago, my maintenance guy opened the door to the crawl space under my kitchen and was faced with 4 skunk babies! Then he saw the mama!!! He quickly turned on the 200W lights that are in the space (switch is by the little door) and he left the door open and ran. Skunks do not like bright light and they departed shortly thereafter, heading toward the woods, where they belong! Carole