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Stories of the sea! There are so many of them and this one is particularly captivating!! Thanks, Suzy and thanks also to Robbie and dondi for the background info :>))


Wow you two, thanks for the history.


P.S. - atop her two masts are lights, like those in a lighthouse, and serving the same function - thus the name.


Yes, she served as a lighthouse where they couldn't build one, and the men served 21-day tours with nothing to do but man the ship (and her replacements). As a result, they took up basket-making! There developed a unique style of high-quality products known still as Nantucket Lightship baskets. Go to Wikipedia and search for "Nantucket Lightship" for the hundred-plus-year history of these ships. This is currently in Boston Harbor, refitted for functions and cruises; it was the last commissioned lightship in the Coast Guard, and served until, I think, 1985.


This is the LV-112 Nantucket Lightship operated by the USCG. She was anchored 100 miles off Woods Hole and was a beacon for all ships going to New York, Boston and other east coast ports. It is really interesting reading the crew accounts. One time in 100 MPH gales she broke loose at night, no-one realized and they found themselves off New Jersey the next day! Hope you don't mind my spiel Suzy, great puzzle, thanks.


Love the photo!


How would like the job up the mast. Not for me.


I love red objects in puzzles. This was a fun puzzle. Thanks!


Great shot!