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220 pieces
125 solves
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According to your profile page, you've only been here for two months! You'll definitely be getting top spots that stay at the rate you're going. :-)

I love doing your puzzles- I only hope to keep some spots in the top 10's, I never expect to keep the first place if I even get it ;p


Then I hope you make more in the future. If you ever read the comments on my puzzles, you'd probably know that I don't solve puzzles anymore because of my lousy hand but I still enjoy looking at puzzles that catch my eye. This one caught my eye and then surprise, surprise, I saw your name.
I was hoping that you'd hold on to your top spot on that 'challenger' puzzle I created, but alas, someone stole it from you. Well, you are fast anyway. :-)

Yes I did, I'm glad you liked it!


Unwrought! Did you create this???? It's TERRIFIC! :-)