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Knitted Plain and Fancy - small

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After a couple of relatively mild days, it's turned very cold, and so it seems only sensible to bring back the warm knitted fabrics. :-)


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You're very welcome, Pat. Cold and windy here too unfortunately. Should be warming up a little tomorrow, I think. :-)


We definitely needed this today--so cold and soooooooooo windy! Brrrrr! Thanks for a snuggly puzzle! :-)))


Thanks, Kathy. I was able to use one of the photo editing sites to improve the clarity. So glad you liked this. :-)


You can see every stitch. So sharp and clear and wonderful to put together Barb :-))) Thank you!!!!


Thanks, Katie, glad you enjoyed the puzzle. It seems to be quite chilly all over today but hopefully there will be some warm (but not hot) days in the very near future. :-)


Perfect choice today Barb! It's quite cold in central Ohio today too. Partly sunny, so at least it looks good out the window! Great colors and patterns here - thanks!


Awww, thanks, Edie. I feel better about the puzzle after reading what you said. :-)


I don't think you should have changed anything. No one wants a puzzle that solves itself. This had the perfect combination. The plains were easy and the fancy made you look twice. It's great just as is.


Yesterday was definitely a nasty one with that icy wind, Edie. The sun is just out here and it's to be a tiny bit warmer but still chilly.
I found this a lot trickier than I had imagined it would be .... as you say, the plain was easy but those fancy ones a little tougher. I should have tried to vary the colour a bit more. :-))


Love the knits Barb and we can sure use them. I'm back to wearing my thermals under my track pants when I go out in the morning. That wind yesterday was bitter it looks a little calmer today but it's only -6 right now with the sun coming through. Hopefully it will start to warm quickly. Thursday looks like a nice day. Let's hope it keep going in that direction. I made an appointment to get my snow tires off this week. Hope that wasn't a mistake. The plain here was easy but I had to take a second look at some of the fancy ones. Thanks, really enjoyed it.


I'm fine, Ardy. I woke up way too early and was up for about a half hour when I decided I should go back to bed for an hour which is why it seems late. When you think about it, it's only just 7 am here. I have a friend who never gets up before 9 am so to her, I'm an early bird. LOL
Hope you keep warm, perhaps these images will help.
See you soon at your place. :-)


They do look warm and comfy, Barb. We had our lovely day yesterday but a cold front has moved in - probably the one you had yesterday. So my mouse hand is chilly this morning. Were you having a bit of a sleep-in? I do hope you aren't unwell. See you soon. Thanks for the warm-up.