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Metamorphosis of my garden

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For this merge I've used the photo of 2006 again.... this time in comparison to the year 2007.... I believe this is the most drastic change we ever gave to our garden !!!!
Including the furniture on the back patio! ☺☺


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I know exactly what you mean, Nancy. It was fun searching for the photos and of course I know we often changed the garden but still I was surprised by the sometimes huge differences!


Your photos are a wonderful record of all the different stages. Such fun to see. A neighbor gave me a photo she'd taken from her vantage point of all the rhodies out front. I was surprised at how far the garden had evolved. We knew it had changed, but had forgotten how different it looked years back, maybe because we're just so used to how it is now.


Thank you, megabelle, I'm glad you enjoy joining me on my trip down Memory Lane♥
For myself it's also fun to see how much the garden actually did change ove rthe years (and yet it's so familiar) ♥

Great, Ella, I'm you don't need your eyes checked after all? LOL


Oh yes, Impie, now I see the other kitty near the temperature/rain gage. Thanks for the link to the "three kitties" hanging on the fence, loved it!


just wonderful...great series...I am sure this brings back lots of memories for the folks who have known this lovely garden thru these years..and it is give great pleasure to those of us who have known it for a shorter time....thank you, thank you for sharing it with us!!!❣️


I wish it did too, would shortly block my view, because it only blooms in May/June and after the bloom you need to cut the branches short (like with a willow) and then the branches would grow back again and start to bud in Spring and bloom in May/June ....♥

P.S. Take your time! ;)


And "poof"...the grass is gone...just like magic! I do like the newer look but it would have been even nicer if the little pink tree had survived...mind you, it would probably be blocking your view today, too. :D

P.S. I'm going to wait and do all the puzzles one after the other so I can see the progression.


Hi Ella, If you look closely you'll see were two statue kitties hanging onto the fence! The large one is still hangng on the dustbin planter in the garden! I'll add a photo of Goofie (2005) when Patrick was outside with him in the snow! Then all of a sudden there were THREE kitties hanging onto the fence! LOL


I love the kitty looking through the fence into the neighbors yard, that's so cute!


Thank you, lurdo, but I didn't do this all by those years my hubby's health got worse, but he still did a lot of gardening. In fact almost all of the lay out was his invention and doing most of the times. He died in February 2012, but the last say 9 years, it's down to me and my son! ♥

You must be Gifted to do such an amazing changes it was a hard work but it was worth it your garden is lovely. Thanks Mrs. Impie.


Thank you, GG....we got fed up with the grass, it was never really successful but yet a lot of work (for me) mowing it at least twice a week. After we removed all the grass, I sold the mower (Flymo) just to make sure we'd never lay new grass again! LOL
My hubby moved the border closer to the path (as you can see in the photo) and our son layed the tiles. This format is still intact though the garden did have (minor) changes later on, as you will see in the next photos. ♥


Yes, I can see that many changes were made from 2006 - 2007! Looks like you even removed the grass on the right side too. That must have been a LOT of hard work, but worth every bit of it. Beautiful as always, Impie!!