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Original Vintage Antique Ornament ~ Doll Parts, Yo-Yo By Elizabeth Rosen

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Would be funny if the little guy's legs could 'run' with the movement of the wind, but I doubt that would happen. It is a cute idea, though.

Whirling, it made the day
seem shorter than
all other days had been.

It sang and leapt
at his fine tuned command;
his finger tingled,

as the loop pulled tight.
He winced a smile. For now,
he'd thrown his cares away;

next time, perhaps,
he'd simply let them go.
Malcolm Evison

My yoyo is a marvelous thing
it climbs up and down
on its yoyo string.
I roll my yoyo
to stay in the deep,
I've taught my yoyo
how to sleep.
I toss my yoyo out
Around the World,
my yoyo can whirl,
my yoyo can twirl.
Sometimes I do
make a mistake
the string starts to fray
and then it breaks.
if you come to play yoyos
there is one thing
you can bring
it is a pocket
of extra
yoyo string.

By Joy

Life is like a yo-yo ... going up and down

One day a smile... the next day a frown

Some days are sunny...not a cloud in sight

There are days dark clouds hide the suns bright light

The oceans waves can be calm and blue

Then in a moment the froth will engulf you

The children frolic and laugh with glee

Next they are crying from the pain of a skinned knee

Lovers stroll ... silently in pairs

To often they look to each other with only piercing glares

To its mate you hear the cooing of a dove

When one is taken... the other forever morns their love
Like a yo-yo ... life seldom stops between

Going up and the furthest extreme

by ronald a genise


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